I'm an engineer running outdoorsy, unplugged retreats in a forest near you.


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Ruby Conf Philippines
March 2017 Dylan Wolff and I did a duo talk on "Fostering a Welcoming, Supporting and Productive Environment for Junior Developers" in Bohol, Panglao Island, Philippines.

Women in Security
March 2018 I spoke on a panel about being the only woman in the room, finding and sometimes building a career that you love, and my events for engineers and entrepreneurs.

WicHacks Keynote
February 2017 I did a fireside chat keynote for one of the largest all-womens hackathon in world! It was at RIT College of Engineering in Rochester, NY.

Prime Academy, Graduating from a bootcamp school, now what?
June 2016 I spoke to the graduating class at Prime all about what it's like to go from a bootcamp to working full time as a software engineer.

Intuit, Female Engineer Panel
July 2015 I spoke on a panel of other female engineers about what it's like to go from college to working full time as a software engineer. We also spoke about what it's like being the only female on your team.

* If you're looking for speakers or panelists on any of the topics I've been interviewed for, written, or already spoken about don't hesitate to reach out!


Lodged Out
Unplugged, outdoorsy retreats headed to a forest near you.

* Recently featured in She Explorers and RANGE Magazine

Rails Camp West Coast
A retreat for the software community to meet & learn from each other while getting out of the city to unplug around a campfire. 2019 Dates coming soon.

Custom Retreats
For companies, clubs, coaches, networks, and artists. I will take the Lodged Out model and build you a custom unplugged, outdoorsy retreat!

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* I'm always interested in collaborating on events and available for event coaching

* If you're looking for speakers or panelists on any of the topics I've been interviewed for or written about reach out